Topics on Aging (ie. Marketing, Health, Caregiving, End-of-Life Issues, etc.)

These Aging-Related Materials are available for your use. Please take advantage of the information you will find under each category

CAREGIVING:  No topic on aging would be complete without discussions on caregiving.  The following links provide a wealth of information on the topic. 

HEALTH AND WELLNESS:  As life expectancies continue to increase, it becomes imperative for any age related topic to include information on healthy aging. See the following links for more details.

ELDER ABUSE: Elder abuse is any form of mistreatment that results in harm or loss to an older person and can include physical, psychological, sexual or financial abuse.  The following websites offer useful information:

END-OF-LIFE ISSUES: No discussion on aging would be complete without understanding the myriad of issues surrounding end-of-life care and choices.  The first bullet is a comprehensive bibliography of reading materials put together by the Collaborative for End of Life Care, followed by some other useful websites.

INTERGENERATIONAL PROGRAMS:  No topic on aging would be complete without the inclusion of intergenerational programs.  Intergenerational programs are opportunities to bridge the gap between children and older adults and are instrumental in improving the lives of both age groups.  The following organizations offer strategies, programs and public policy information on intergenerational programs and community services.

LIFE-LONG LEARNING: People are living longer and are making the decision to return to school for a variety of reasons.  Some return to higher education because they have retired and are seeking a new career and some return to school because their retirement income will not support them into the future.  Whatever the reason, more and more people over the age of 50 are returning to school.  Click the websites below for useful information on the life-long learning trend.

LONG-TERM CARE:  Long-term care is an umbrella term that encompasses so many parts of aging, including topics on insurance, nursing homes, aging in place, estate planning and end-of-life issues.  Many careers and educational courses will deal with the process of long-term care. 


THE MATURING MARKETPLACE:  The following articles will provide some insight into the purchasing and financial habits of the baby boom generation.